‘The Paddock’ Reality TV Show

Motorcycle Racers

A new 'reality style' TV show "The Paddock", created by California company Carmel Productions and to be aired on MotoTV2 initially in the USA.

The premise of the show revolves around a group of contestant would-be motorcycle racers during the off season. Each is charged with the task of raising money through sponsorships and other means while at the same time convincing racing teams to take them on. Potential sponsors come on and off the show with conflicting demands and other challenging offers.

Various people on the show pose as team bosses with the power to grant contracts; but to keep the interest level high, some will randomly disappear throughout the show season, or offer contracts that contradict requirements of sponsors. And finally, the show producers may change the financial goals during the game which will effect dramatic turnarounds in some contestants' fortunes.

Fans (viewers) will vote contestants off the show each week until just four are left; based on players' success and personality (riding skill is not evaluated). The means of resolution of the final winner will only be revealed near the end of the contest.

The show promises plenty of suspense, surprises and inter-personal drama as it reaches its climax and is certain to attract a huge viewer following as well as intense press scrutiny and speculation.

Various world wide franchises are also planned, especially in Europe; although early reports indicate a Hungarian version of the programme has been shelved in pre-production.

The production has been kept under the tightest security as rival networks are known to be considering similar projects although with more stock footage than the ground breaking, prototype production planned by Carmel.

Pole Position Travel is proud to participate in the project; and will be alongside some major sponsors such as leading motorcycle manufacturers, for whose attentions the top contestants will be vying. Contrary to rumours however, Ducati has been ruled out. Kawasaki was unavailble for comment.

Pole Position Managing Director Gordon Howell commented: "Ordinarily I loathe the 'reailty' television, but the premise of this one was so absurd I fell on the floor laughing, and knew our customers would love to get first crack to participate!"

Production company Carmel's creative director "Red" E. Boots confirmed: "Pole Position provides a great initial seed of thousands of fans who otherwise have little to entertain them during the off-season. 'The Paddock' will inject a note of unpredictable hilarity that is rarely seen off-track."

First airing to be April 11th, 2010.


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