Vance & Hines CS One Exhaust System

Motorcycle Exhaust

Vance & Hines has been creating cutting edge performance exhaust systems for 30 years and it is no surprise that, being born and bred on the racetrack-most notably the dragstrips of the NHRA-has given the company significant competitive advantages.

After revolutionizing the sport bike segment with the SS2-R and S4 in the ’80s, V&H has since diversified its repertoire significantly, with recent emphasis on the American V-twin market. However, Vance & Hines felt the need to stay true to its race roots, and the result is its latest sport bike slip-on muffler-the CS One-a tastefully crafted blend of performance, aesthetics, and audible bliss.

Dyno tests on our ’09 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R reveal a four-horsepower peak increase, and the scales measure a weight loss of nearly six pounds. The exhaust tone is a unique, effervescent, rich baritone voice that idles with presence and clarity.

With each twist of the throttle, I am greeted by a growl that clearly means business without being overly ostentatious. Additionally, I am duly gratified by the occasional deceleration pops, which introduce the sensation of riding more of a race-ready SuperSport bike than a stock street bike.

While obvious that the Ninja has not added 50cc to its cylinders, the undeniable and appreciable increase in torque I feel from the new muffler, leaves me thinking otherwise.

With no flat spots in the boost of power delivery, I find myself faster off the line, smoother through the gears and, most importantly, more agile and confident through the corners-all of which lead to a notably enhanced riding experience.

The CS One from Vance & Hines is surely a promising representation of a historic company that thrives on innovation, racing, and winning.

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