‘Real-Time’ Riding & Distracted Drivers

‘Real-Time’ Podcast

Some of the greatest challenges facing motorcyclists on the road today result from distracted drivers. Robert Gladden from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) joins Bill, Todd B and our ‘Real-Time’ road tester on the Motorcycle Radio Network.

As motorcyclists, we understand our vulnerability on the road and try to do what we can to minimize our exposure. Weather, road conditions and traffic are out of our control, but by enhancing our riding skills and staying focused while we ride, motorcyclists arrive safely at their destinations every day.

However, no matter where you look, car and truck operators seem to have an entirely different mindset. Trapped in their steel and class cocoons, these charter members of the "Me First" club wander in and out of lanes, blow through stop signs and place all others at risk while they apply makeup and nail polish, read books and reports, and talk or text their way through their commutes.

Robert Gladden, the Program Administrator at the Motorcycle Safety Foundation has some tips. Although the MSF is well-known for their great rider training courses, they also work behind the scenes to enhance rider safety in other ways, such as their new program to educate automobile drivers about how to interact with motorcyclists safely.

The program, aptly named "For Car Drivers" provides multimedia instruction, tips and resources that will benefit both motorists and motorcyclists. You can go to the site here: forcardrivers.com.

Robert also reaffirms the dangers motorcyclists face due to the ill-advised actions many car drivers do under the guise of "multi-tasking." Our ‘Real-Time’ road tester over at at UltimateMotorCycling.com, leaves the Blockhead Boys in the studio and heads out on California’s 405 Freeway during the conversation to act as our ‘Real-Time’ motorcycle distracted drivers spotter during this live radio broadcast (now podcast).

And almost immediately comes across a fleet of drivers doing everything from shaving to working on their laptop computer, further proving Mr. Gladden’s point.

Take it from Bill, Todd B and Mike… Robert Gladden and his co-workers at the Motorcycle Safety Foundation have your best interests in mind with all that they do. Check out the MSF’s uber-informative website at msf-usa.org for more information on safe riding, training opportunities and tips.

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