TaylorMade styles GSX-R1000… MotoGP

Gixxer Upgrades

TaylorMade Racing’s team has created a unique, clean style for your 2009/2010 Suzuki GSX-R1000 motorcycle. Combining high-design with race-proven engineering, the new S9 kit will help increase both looks and performance.

The underbelly muffler is dedicated to maximizing volume in the space available under the engine. The exhaust has a fantastic sound that will stir the soul without going overboard.

The TaylorMade Racing 2009/2010 Suzuki GSX-R1000 kit is a slip on that eliminates the stock box and muffler, saving a claimed 20 pounds. The kit comes with both right and left side carbon fiber trim panels to blend the stock fairing into an aerodynamic MotoGP style. TaylorMade Racing’s carbon trim panels are 100% carbon fiber, with a natural lightweight race finish.

On the dyno combined with a PowerCommander V, the claimed performance is an additional 10hp at the peak and +8hp mid-range–a 10% increase in power midrange. The kit comes with detailed installation instructions and all mounting hardware.

Parts List

TMRS9 Exhaust Kit + Carbon Fiber Trim Panels: $845
TMRS9PU Exhaust Kit + Carbon Fiber Trim Panels + Pre-Mapped PowerCommander V: $1125.00

Canisters are also available without trim for those running race bodywork:
TMRS9R Exhaust Kit Without Carbon Fiber Trim Panels: $609

TMRS9RF Carbon Fiber Rear Hugger: $189.00
TMRS9FE Carbon Fiber Fender Eliminator With LED: $95.00
TMRS9CG Carbon Fiber Chain Guard: $134.00
TMRS9HS Carbon Fiber Left and Right Side Heel Guard Set: $129.00
TMRS9SG Carbon Fiber Shark Guard: $65.00

The TaylorMade Racing team is standing by to help with any questions at 818-781-8123 or sales@racetaylormade.com