Erik Buell Racing launches 1190RR


1190RR Preview

Just a few months after Harley-Davidson discontinued the Buell Motorcycles line, Erik Buell Racing has announced a tantalizing first new motorcycle: the 1190RR. Based on the Buell 1125R and Buell 1125RR (which was created to compete in Superbike last year), the 1190RR gets increased engine displacement to bring it closer to the current class limit for V-twins in both the AMA and World Superbike (WSBK).

The new 1190RR is not currently approved for AMA or WSBK racing and we are not yet sure if it will ever clear homologation thresholds. The current intent of this track-only motorcycle is to be run by road racers in many available classes around the world. To me, that would be a great showcase of American motorcycling ingenuity and competitive spirit.

Since Harley-Davidson still owns the Buell trademark, the 1190RR models are constructed under the “Erik Buell Racing” name. The 1190RR is built at the race shop location in East Troy, Wisconsin. Brand new 1125R engines are completely disassembled and blueprinted using top-shelf Superbike internal parts. Increasing the bore from 103 to 106 while maintaining the stroke at 67.5 accounts for the larger displacement 77-degree V-twin motorcycle.

In creating the 1190RR, Erik Buell Racing also goes to work on the 1125R chassis. Updates are made with race-quality components that also allow for added adjustability. Erik has incorporated input from brand-name road racers such as Alex Barros and Jeremy McWilliams in delivering this exotic American racing motorcycle. The end result is a motorcycle that looks great and that we can’t wait to ride in the near future.

For more information please check back here at Ultimate MotorCycling in the coming months.


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