Kevin Windham heads home for Supercross

Kevin Windham Atlanta

Supercross veteran rider Kevin Windham is reminded of his Southern roots as the 2010 AMA FIM Supercross tour hits Atlanta for the next round.

Atlanta might be a long drive from GEICO Powersports Honda rider Kevin Windham’s home base of Centerville, Mississippi, but in a lot of ways Georgia always has been a home away from home for the veteran Supercross rider, especially in the early days of his career.                                                                

Kevin Windham Speaks…

"I was born in Baton Rouge (La.) and part of growing up and racing as a kid in the South was going to places like Texas, Florida, and Georgia," said Windham, who led 11 laps of last weekend’s main event in Indianapolis before finishing third for the second week in a row. "Atlanta is only about 10 hours from home and I’ve raced all over this area. It feels as much like home as any place on tour. I always feel the most comfortable when I’m in the South.

"The fans at the Georgia Dome are just incredible. It’s one of our biggest crowds of the season. You can feel the energy of the dome on the track. Believe it or not, we can hear a lot over our bikes and when the crowd gets excited, it pumps us up."

"Things are going good; we’re really getting some steam built up behind us," Windham said. "The GEICO Powersports team is having success in both classes. Trey won two of the last three races out West so he’s riding really well. Personally, I feel pretty good about my riding right now and I’m looking forward to moving on to Atlanta and trying to find that podium again."

"Everything in racing is contagious and something to build upon," Windham said. "It all started with a great off-season for us with our testing and preparation. It’s showing now with the results of the riders, but it takes the efforts of a lot more people than just the rider."

Windham says when things are going well on a team, it’s hard not to get swept up in the momentum.