Dani Pedrosa climbs Mont Blanc

Pedrosa Climbs

Next Sunday 14 February at 9.00 pm, Cuatro will show the adventure undertaken by Pedrosa, Coma and Héctor Barberá, along with Calleja, climbing Mont Blanc.

On 14 September, at 9.00 am, after almost five hours climbing, under extremely adverse weather conditions – 70 km/h winds and a wind chill factor of -35ºC below zero, the Repsol Honda Team MotoGP rider Dani Pedrosa, two-time Dakar champion Marc Coma, and the Valencian rider Héctor Barberá -who recently joined MotoGP-, successfully culminated an adventure that, although it ended successfully, had its moments of tension and risk.

Next Sunday 14 February at 9.00 pm, the television channel Cuatro will show the programme which, led by Jesus Calleja and the "Desafío Extremo" team, reflects the intense experience of this group of elite riders in the heart of the French Alps. The day they reached the summit of Mont Blanc, 4,810 metres high, only 25% of the 74 people who set off managed to reach the top, which gives an idea of the difficulties they had to overcome.


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