Ducati announces 15k mile service intervals

Ducati North America is excited to announce a significant milestone in the company’s engineering history: 15,000 mile major service intervals on the 2010 Multistrada 1200.

The Multistrada 1200 is the product of Ducati’s most intensive development program ever. Entering the arena of adventure touring motorcycles, Ducati set its sights on the class benchmarks. With the goal setting a new class standard, Ducati developed revolutionary new features such as the Multistrada’s "4 bikes in 1" adjustability.

The Multistrada 1200’s aggressive development process also encompassed build quality and servicing. Ducati is now excited to announce the fruits of its labor: a 15,000 mile period between major services.

Doubling the mileage between valve clearance inspections has been made possible due to the introduction of a new valve seat material. This material enables the new "Testastretta 11°" powerplant to go the distance- both literally and figuratively. Incorporating improved combustion efficiency and a new temperature management system, the Testastretta 11° engine ushers in a new era of service and reliability. The engine lowers the cost of maintenance, improves fuel efficiency and reduces emissions- all while retaining exhilarating performance capabilities.

The game-changing Multistrada 1200 will arrive in North American showrooms this coming April.