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Rossi Replica Gloves

As part of the 2010 motorcycle apparel collection, Dainese recently announced the new Valentino Rossi replica road-racing gloves at the D-Store in Costa Mesa California. Dainese developed the replica gloves in conjunction with the 9-time world champion. The road-racing glove is designed to be of the highest levels of safety and riding comfort.

Dainese states that they are proud of the result, which is based on extensive MotoGP racetrack experience. The replica glove is constructed with some of the strongest and most sophisticated materials including titanium, carbon fiber and Kevlar yarn. The goal was to make the glove is as highly resistance to abrasion and shock absorption as possible.

The Valentino Rossi inspired protection also has contains technical features developed through ergonomic studies of the areas of the hand most subject to risk in case of fall. This is yet another testament to the overall design research. Known for their high-quality and high fashion motorcycle protective gear, it looks as if Dainese has hit the mark once again.


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