Wesco Motorcycle Boots | History Video

Handcrafted Boots

Click video to learn about Wesco’s history. Founded in 1918 by John Henry Shoemaker, West Coast Shoe Company (Wesco) is still going strong 92 years later, building handcrafted boots in its Scappoose, Oregon, factory for customers all over the world. Wesco boasts a full line of stock and custom boots including: Boss and Harness motorcycle boots, Motorcycle Patrol boots, Jobmaster work boots, Highliner boots for linemen and arborists, electrical hazard boots for power linemen and utility workers, and high quality boots for everyday wear.

"Wesco is truly the last of its kind. This video tells the story of one of the only remaining bootmakers in the U.S. that’s still building a made-to-order, custom product," said Wesco President Roberta Shoemaker, granddaughter of the founder. "We receive online orders from all over the world," Shoemaker continued. "This DVD will give our customers a virtual tour of our Oregon factory and the opportunity to see the level of detail that goes into making each and every pair of Wesco boots. The custom fitting chapter’s step-by-step guidance will help customers take accurate measurements."


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