Stewart vs. Reed rivalry Throttles-up

SX Rivalry

The fact that the 2010 Monster Energy Supercross Series revs up on Saturday is exciting all on its own. However, if you mix in a good old fashioned rivalry like the one between Chad Reed and reigning champion, James Stewart, the anticipation of a thrilling season is palpable.

In 2009, Stewart dominated the Supercross with 11 wins out of 17 but his victory was not easily captured as Reed closely nipped at his heels the entire series. Reed finished on the podium at every event except for one with both finishing one-two in 13 main events.

Rounding out a great Supercross series, it was at the second to last race in Salt Lake City that may have lost the championship for Reed. Stewart’s own teammate, Kyle Chisholm, was black-flagged for blocking Reed, a move that got Chisholm disqualified. Stewart managed to come out with a 4-point lead as result.

Chad Reed later said of the incident, "Who can deny that it wasn’t intentional. His line, the fact that he was a lap down, and the obvious being he is James’ teammate. It was a shame."

James Stewart says, "Defending your championship is harder than winning because you have guys that are really hungry to take it from you."

SPEED TV has nominated Stewart and Reed for the 2009 Best Rivalry Award.