Motorcycle calendar girl, Tiger Woods affair

Motorcycle calendar girl, Jamie Jungers, has been revealed in the Tiger Woods relationship scandal. Fast Dates Calendar was contacted by editors of the the New York Post newspaper looking to secure photographs for a breaking news story of model Jamie Jungers. The Post told producer Fast Dates Calendar producer and photographer Jim Gianatsis they had discovered that Las Vegas based model was now the 4th girl to be revealed to have had an affair with billion dollar golfing sports icon Tiger Woods.

Just 10 days earlier on Thanksgiving night at 2:30 am in the morning, Tiger Woods began receiving world wide news coverage when he crashed his Cadillac Escalade in front of his house in an upscale gated community in Florida while possibly being chased by his beautiful Swedish wife Elin Nordegren, the mother of their 2 children, who was chasing him from the house with a golf club, breaking out the windows in his SUV as he tried to get away. In the days that followed it come to light that Tiger had been having ongoing secret affairs and liaisons with many women over the last 2-3 years.

Jamie was now being revealed as the 4th girl involved in the scandal. Jamie looks surprisingly similar to Tiger's wife Elin, and may just have been the perfect out-of-town play girl replacement for Tiger while wife Elin was left home pregnant and tending to the babies.

Tiger spent much of his away time from home, traveling on the pro golf tour and stopping over in Las Vegas to party in Sin City's most exclusive clubs where he was given full access to the VIP lounges and the most beautiful models and celebrities who could get behind the velvet robes to meet and party with him. In this case "What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas" was not to be. And now Elin is looking to take Tiger for the most expensive divorce or prenuptial settlement in every, reportedly up towards $80 million.

Jamie Jungers is revealing that her affair with Tiger Woods lasted two years. Jungers, a beautiful 26-year old blond model from Las Vegas, has made a deal to tell her story to a British newspaper. Jungers' affair with the golfer fit the pattern of Tiger's extra-marital dalliances, with the relationship spanning two years but contact sporadic. Jungers is a look alike for Woods' wife Elin. Jungers met Tiger in Las Vegas where she worked as a club model for, and later their romantic hookups took place in several different cities, with Tiger arranging for her to meet him.

Fast Dates Calendar photographer Jim Gianatsis met model Jamie at the 2008 Miller Motorsports, USA, World Superbike race where he hired and photographed her with 3 other models that weekend for the new 2010 Fast Dates World Superbike Calendar. Jamie is featured in 6 photos in the 2010 Calendar which is now on sale.


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