2010 Husqvarna SMR 450 & 510 | Previews

Husky Supermoto 450 and 510

Reflecting upon experience gained from wins in world supermoto competition the 2010 Husqvarna SMR 450 and SMR 510 models have undergone some radical changes. With a goal of making both models lighter and easier to handle, Husqvarna engineers concentrated first on Supermoto frame development. A completely new frame design increased new levels of rigidity and settings for managing power output and handling optimization. Riders now enjoy much better feel overall and frames are an entire kilo lighter or 2.2 lbs lighter than before.

New 2010 Husqvarna SMR body panels (450 and 510) feature IPD (in-mold plastic decoration) graphics and they are constructed of stronger, more flexible plastic than before. Both front and rear lighting systems are more powerful. The rear light cluster houses LED lights and an integrated dual-purpose license plate holder. It can carry either a license plate or a racing number without the owner having to buy additional parts.

The 2010 Husqvarna SMR front fender is also new and the look of the SMR is both eye-catching and unique. Taking visual and aesthetic dynamics even further are black anodized Excel rims and new black plastic engine protectors. The 2010 Husqvarna SMR 450 and 510 are striking to say the very least.

A variety of improvements have taken place across the entire spectrum of 2010 Husqvarna SMR DOHC engines including more powerful water pumps and new radiator hoses for better cooling and increased performance. Oil lubrication and cooling are further improved thanks to a new oil circuit over-pressure valve, a new needle cage lubrication bearing and a newly designed oil filter.

2010 Husqvarna SMR (450 and 510) steel exhaust valves ensure longer life and better reliability and the gearbox has been renewed to improve gear change speed and accuracy. Added gearbox enhancements include improvements to gear change linkage, shift lever and selector mechanisms.

Both 2010 Husqvarna SMR 450 and 510 engines benefit from new timing gear chain tensioners that improve chain tension and reduce contact pressure. Exhaust systems feature twin aluminum silencers that create a very special sound, reduce overall noise levels and improve performance. An all-new aluminum sidestand further helps to keep weight to absolute minimum levels on the new 2010 Husqvarna SMRs.