H-D Touring Lightening Racing Mufflers

Harley-Davidson Exhaust Upgrade

Recently unveiled by the exhaust development team at DonSPEED, these new LIGHTNING Racing Mufflers for your Harley-Davidson Touring Model are as sleek and eye catching as they are technologically advanced. There is a lot more to these slick mufflers than meets the eye and claims are they very well may provide the highest and flattest horsepower and torque curves in the industry. Integrated into the design of each muffler is an exclusive "Power-Venturi".

This unique baffling component or, "Torque Cone" can be adjusted to optimize the exhaust system’s flow characteristics for maximum horsepower and torque with any level of engine modification. When these mufflers are installed in conjunction with a free flowing air cleaner, substantial performance increases can be realized from a stock bike. In most cases no download or additional fuel management module is required as the proper balance of backpressure and flow can be achieved by simply adjusting the "Torque Cone".

This simple task produces a noticeable increase in sound and performance. When used with modified engines, Lightning Racing muffler’s free flowing core continues to make power where other mufflers leave off, making sure the owner realizes the full benefit of those modifications. On the other hand, if all you’re after is a slightly louder exhaust note over stock, the LIGHTNING baffle can be removed and packed with an optional deadening kit.

LIGHTNING Racing Mufflers are direct slip on replacements for 1995-2009 Harley-Davidson Touring models with stock head pipes, and "true-dual" pipes designed as replacements for stock units. The retail price of $549.95 includes all necessary mounting hardware and installation and tuning instructions. For complete details and ordering information call 916-853-9738 or visit them on line at www.DonSPEEDracing.com.