LED Turn Signals Kit | Ducati Monster Project Bike

Ducati LED Indicators

Upgrading your Ducati Monster’s turn signals with light-emitting diode (LED) indicators provides more than meets the eye. Early LEDs emitted low-intensity red light, but if you have not noticed modern LEDs are available across the visible spectrum and with very high brightness. As well, modern LEDs have other benefits including; lower energy consumption, longer life, better shock resistance, smaller size and faster switching.

When we decided to swap out our Ducati Monster turn signals, we turned to the Ducati Performance Accessories catalog. For about $120 a pair, Ducati offers LED turn indicators that are smaller than the standard indicators. They are also made out of metal, which appears higher in quality vs. the stock plastic.

The Ducati Monster parts kit includes two turn indicators. So if you intend to replace both the front and rear make sure to order a quantity of two to get all four indicators required. The new parts fit all Ducati Monster 696 and 1100 models the same.

Our junior editor had a snag trying to do the install so we turned to Ducati Newport Beach who finished the job with ease. In the end, the new clear-lens LED signals provided for a sleeker looking Ducati Monster. And the clear turn indicators provide for a brighter-yellow, faster-blinking appearance on our project bike.

Ducati Accessories Part: #96629909B
Application: Monster 696/1100 LED Turn Signals
MSRP: $121.00 (pair)


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