Denis Manning Tenacious II | Video

World’s Fastest Motorcycle Builder

Click video to see Denis Manning, builder of the world’s fastest motorcycle, talk about the Tenacious II Streamliner. Denis has been working for a number of years to build and develop improved iterations of the Streamliner. Although this motorcycle, the Tenacious II, did not set the world record his Streamliner No. 7 finally did in September of 2009.

Today, as the bike builder, Denis holds the motorcycle land-speed record holder along with rider Chris Carr. His current world motorcycle land-speed record is 367.382 mph through the measured mile. Denis also holds the previous motorcycle land-speed record along with rider Rocky Robinson at around 360 mph.

The Tenacious II is credited with teaching Denis Manning a few things about the science of making a motorcycle go extremely fast. He talks about his experiences and his desire to build a motorcycle that will break the 400 mph barrier.