Tokyo Motor Show: 2010 Honda CB1100

This is our second updated from the Tokyo Motor Show. We are standing here by the new 2010 Honda CB1100. It is powered by a newly developed air-cooled, 4-stroke, inline-4 DOHC engine that reminds me of my old days in England. The engine is said to be full of torque at low and medium rpm range with some moving horsepower at the top-end. Honda has designed this bike to capture your nostalgia with its simple retro design and muscular riding appearance.

Sitting on the Honda CB1100 it has the compactness of an old 750cc. Looking down at the 18-inch wheels, four gracefully curving exhaust pipes exiting the engine and chromed fenders, this is a blast from the past. According to sources, there are no plans to land this motorcycle in the USA in the near future.


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