Sucker Punch Sally’s partner with Progressive

Sucker Punch Sally’s, the premier old school motorcycle builder known for producing the best stripped-down bobbers and choppers, is continuing its partnership with Progressive Insurance, the country’s number-one motorcycle insurer.

Highlights of last year’s partnership included building two Progressive Insurance bikes; designing a co-branded giveaway t-shirt; designing a 28-foot trailer featuring both Progressive and SPS; and appearing together at all 11 IMS Cycle World Motorcycle Shows. Sucker Punch Sally’s owner Christian Clayton also appeared in a print ad with Flo from the Progressive commercials.

Next year will feature an even bigger, 50-foot trailer showcasing the Sucker Punch style and Progressive. The trailer, along with two new giveaway bikes, will be the centerpiece of the Progressive Insurance booth at the 11 IMS shows across the country. While the booth will be twice as big as last year’s, it will still have a lounge atmosphere where bikers can relax, enjoy the bikes, and learn about SPS and Progressive.

Flo’s Flyer, one of the Progressive custom bikes built by Sucker Punch Sally’s, will be featured wherever Sucker Punch Sally’s is set up. A one-off boardtrack style motorcycle that’s completely hand made at SPS’s Arizona headquarters, Flo’s Flyer will be SPS’s submission to Artistry in Iron.

"We have a great partnership with Progressive Insurance and are excited about continuing and expanding our role with the #1 motorcycle insurer in the U.S.A." said Christian Clayton, owner of Sucker Punch Sally’s.

Founded in 2002, Sucker Punch Sally’s continues to stay true to their traditional biker values by providing the best stripped-down bobbers and choppers at the most reasonable prices. The old school no-nonsense style of bikes that started Sucker Punch Sally’s are the bikes they still build today, only now with the convenience of modern manufacturing practices. The Traditional and the 66 Bobber both received industry awards in 2007 and are the two models that the company was founded on. They have the capacity to build 100 bikes a month at their manufacturing facility in Scottsdale, Ariz., including the widely anticipated Swinger. Their model line has been built up to six different models, with the additions of the stealthy Slim and the retro-styled Hot Rod. Sucker Punch Sally’s continuously growing dealer network throughout the U.S. showcases the wide variety of bikes they have available, all of which exude SPS style.

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