Sex Pistol takes delivery of Ducati Hypermotard

Ducati North America announced today that avid motorcyclist, Sex Pistols guitarist, and host of LA radio's beloved "Jonesey's Jukebox" Steve Jones, has taken delivery of a new customized Hypermotard S at Ducati headquarters.

Known for his genre defining music and straight talk, Jones recently expanded his bike collection to include the rambunctious Ducati Hypermotard S due to its aggressive styling and exceptional fun factor. Steve had been eyeing the model since first riding one at Ducati North America headquarters earlier this Spring. He bought the motorcycle to celebrate his return to the Los Angeles airwaves this fall.

"I've always admired Ducati from a distance but never found something that suits me. That all changed after that first ride on the Hypermotard. I knew I had to have her. All my mates are jealous- and that suits me just fine!"

Residing in a perfect motorcycle hot spot, Jones can be found carving his Hypermotard S along Southern California's coast and canyons.


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