Dusty Schaller’s 207 MPH 600cc | SpeedWeek 2009

200 MPH Club

It is the day after SpeedWeek 2009 and Dynojet F/L Racing now has the first 600cc open wheel motorcycle over 200mph! Back up to November 2008. We got an anonymous phone call of where our stolen bike was. Less than 2 blocks from Dynojet we found the bike abandoned in a dirt lot. The engine was still in running condition but the rest of it needed some serious TLC. They had modified the bike to use it on the street so different suspension was installed, they rhino lined the bodywork and installed different sprockets.

A call to Racetech and the suspension was sorted out. Catalyst redid the bodywork and the bike looks better than before. After going thru the entire bike and tuning it we were ready to go for Speedweek 2009.

Straight off the truck Saturday morning we did a 196mph pass. The salt was not in the best shape and the bike was weaving all over the place. I could not keep it straight and ended up letting off during the timed mile. For the backup run we needed a 203.5 to get a record of over 200 and we only went 202.8 so at this point we had the record of 199.89mph. Even though we had just bumped our own record up almost 30mph I was pretty disappointed and discouraged as I didn’t know how long the engine would last.

That night Paul Thede from Racetech took a look at the bike and found some issues with the setup that we hoped would cure the weaving issue. Sure enough the next pass the bike went straight and the only issue now was traction. On this pass we went 207.792 and put the bike back in impound. We were the first one up the next day and laid down another solid run at 204.238 which averaged out to 206.015!!

After getting the bike inspected and certified we changed classes to the 650 MPS-BG. The only difference is that we have to run a spec fuel from ERC. For this run we laid down another 207 in the third mile. For the backup run the next morning they had changed the course over and the salt was terrible. Extremely loose but we were still on a good run. Into the third mile something happened to the bike and it lost boost. I knew to get the record I needed to finish the mile so we cruised thru the traps at 150mph. After looking at the times slips the best average was actually in the second mile so we still have another new record of 187.608mph in this class. After inspecting the bike everything seems OK, we believe the boost controller may have an issue. Instead of possibly hurting the engine we decided to pack it up and save it for another day.

The bike ran awesome all weekend. We used the PCV to map the bike for 7lbs of boost on the lower injectors. We then added another PCV to the uppers and used it strictly as boost offset for the 11lb and 16lb switch. We also used the WB2 for auto tune and to log the runs. Everything worked extremely well and the bike has never ran better or more consistent.

Thanks to everyone involved. Dynojet was inducted into the 200mph club for this record which to some is a very prestigious honor. To put it into perspective they stated there are more astronauts and people that have climbed Mt. Everest than people in this club!


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