SuperTrapp Exhaust Systems | 2010 Sportsters

Six Exhaust Options

The new 2010 Harley-Davidson Sportsters are here and SuperTrapp already has six exhaust options that will fit them ranging from performance enhancing 2:1 systems and Megaphones to drag pipes and the extraordinarily, stylish X Pipes. SuperTrapp Industries is a leading manufacturer of comprehensive performance exhaust systems for a variety of motor vehicle applications, including motorcycles, ATV and automotive.

1) Mean Mothers are the heavyweight of drag pipes and are available in chrome or black ceramic. Mean Mothers are serious performers boasting as much as a 12% horsepower gain on a stock engine. Standard Chrome End Caps are included and Mean Mothers are compatible with optional Slash Cut or Turndown / Rotatable End Caps.

2) SuperTrapp 2:1 SuperMegs in chrome or black ceramic are the notorious exhaust upgrade with proven 15% bolt-on horsepower gains across the board. The core and packing are rebuildable. They include twenty, 4″ discs.

3) Kerker 2:1 SuperMegs in chrome or black ceramic have fearless looks and unsurpassed top-end performance gains. The power curve on these shift to the top end, providing high RPM power.

4) Megaphone Series are stainless steel and provide a bolt-on 20% horsepower gain. These include twenty-four 4″ discs.

5) Kerker Sportster 2:1 Systems are lighter than stock. These are polished stainless steel with turndown end caps with a rolled edge. The elliptical canisters are available in Brushed Aluminum or lightweight Carbon Fiber.

6) X Pipes provide a classic, deep, loud, drag pipe tone. These pipes have an over-and-under shotgun look. The chrome-plated 3-piece ventilated spot heatshields and drilled Billet End Tips add an unthinkable look. X Pipes are available in chrome, black ceramic or brushed silver ceramic.

SuperTrapp’s tunable exhausts allow riders to add discs to increase horsepower, exhaust tone and flow. Removing discs allows the rider to reduce sound and increase low-end torque.

For more information on all SuperTrapp exhausts, visit, or call 216-265-8400.


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