Leslie Porterfield Goes 240 MPH | BUB Speed Trials

Fast Female

BST-sponsored Leslie Porterfield won the Top Time Award at the sixth annual BUB Speed Trials, a motorcycle-only event at the Bonneville Salt Flats that certifies AMA- and FIM-sanctioned national and world speed records.

After rains turned the racing surface into a loose, soggy mess, this year’s course wasn’t ripe for record-breaking runs. Traction was extremely difficult to find, but conditions got better as the week came to a close.

On the meet’s final day, Porterfield made a one-way pass at an average speed of 240.382 mph, shattering the Altered Partially Streamlined Blown Fuel 1350cc world record by 13 mph. Her return pass of 228.470 mph gave her an average speed of 234.275 mph. Incredibly; this milestone was soon bested with just minutes to spare before the Speed Trials ended.

Nonetheless, Porterfield’s record-breaking 240 mph run netted her the BUB Enterprises-sponsored Top Time Award for "sit-on" motorcycles (as opposed to fully enclosed "sit-in" streamliners), the first time this prestigious prize was won by woman.

Honored with the recognition, this seasoned racer was ecstatic: "The salt conditions were incredibly challenging this year and this 240 mph pass is the fastest my turbocharged Suzuki Hayabusa has ever been," said Porterfield. "It was a great comfort knowing I had wheels that were up to the task! The BSTs not only look fantastic, but also gave me gearing options I didn’t have previously. These tough wheels perfectly withstood this extreme test of speed."

In addition to toppling land-speed records, BST wheels have been proven internationally at every level of FIM Grand Prix competition and in winning 12 national championship titles around the world. BST wheels are DOT-legal for street use in America. Approved for WERA Superbike and Formula 1 roadracing classes, they are currently undergoing AMA Pro Racing’s homologation process.

From the salt to the street to roadrace courses, BST wheels transform the ways a bike accelerates, handles and stops. They’re available for Japanese sportbikes through Brock’s Performance. For more information on BST products and other Brock’s Performance parts, go to www.BrocksPerformance.com.



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