Ergal Clutch Cylinder Kit | Ducati Monster Project Bike

Billet Clutch Slave

Personalizing your Ducati motorcycle with billet components can improve durability, reduce weight, improve strength and increase performance. We found a nifty billet clutch slave cylinder in the Ducati Accessories catalog that looks great on any 2001 or later Ducati equipped with a dry clutch. We ordered the red one (also available in gold) for our 2009 Ducati Monster 1100 S project bike.

Installing the shiny new billet cylinder was as simple as three mounting bolts, the clutch hose attachment and bleeding the system with fresh DOT 4 brake fluid. In about 15 minutes and with relatively no mess we had proudly mounted our new slave. Etched with the Ducati Performance logo, the bit resonates eminence and adds to updated look of the motorcycle.

The Ducati Performance clutch actuator not only looks good but also reduced the clutch pull effort. The pull difference was noticeable enough that we continued to bleed the system looking for more pressure on the lever. We finally decided to test ride the bike and it worked flawlessly with the reduced pulled effort. On my first long canyon ride, my left hand appreciated this enhance.

Surprisingly, layman onlookers noticed and commented on this little bit more than once. This fastidious upgrade is unavoidable for hard-core dry-clutch Ducatisti and others looking to tweak their ride. (Part #: 96851508B)