Comfort Touring Seat | Ducati Monster Project Bike

Chic Comfort

After a long two-up ride on our Monster, my passenger was complaining about seat comfort and I had to sympathize with her. Since we had luck with the clever two-piece tail bag we decided to have another look at what the latest Ducati Accessories catalog had to offer. We found the Ducati Monster (696 and 1100) Comfort Touring Seat.

With a simple twist of the key, the original seat released and the new seat snapped perfectly into place. The stock solo-seat cover unbolted from the original seat and matched identically onto our new comfort seat. As well, the Ducati Tail Bag option fit the same. This had to be the easiest upgrade installation ever and it is nice to be able to retain the two bolt-on seat options.

The comfort seat is designed to improve ergonomics and that it did. The riding position for both the rider and passenger are now more comfortable. For one, the angle of the seat cushion helps prevent sliding forward into the tank. As well, the thickness and density of the foam provides for a plusher riding experience during longer journeys.

Covered with anti-slip fabrics that resists the elements and trimmed with red stitching, the seat also upgrades the styling of the Monster. Now the bike looks more detailed and finished. For me, this was a worthwhile upgrade and I am looking forward to my next long ride. (SKU code #96766909B)