AMA Women & Motorcycling Conference | Day 10

Day 10 – Love is in the Air

Did I mention I was in love with an inanimate object? OK, so the Tuono is more like a seductive Italian inamorato than a motorcycle, but I certainly can’t compare it to what, an espresso machine? No way. I am so hooked on this bike I don’t want this trip to end. I can’t stand the thought of it being parked alone in the garage again, even just for a night.

Back on the tarmac… the weather forecast predicted scattered thunderstorms all along our chosen route. Yeah, I really hoped it would rain on us, so naturally I left town with my rain gear strapped to the back of my bike.

Sure enough, rain pounded down on us while riding over the Vail Pass. At 10,000 feet, we were happy the temperature was just high enough not to turn the rain into ice. When we finally decided to stop and put on our rain gear and another layer for warmth… you got it, over the next pass we were met with big sky sunshine and fluffy white clouds.

Listening to the steady purr of the big v-twin and settling into the groove of the ride, I remembered that today is my parent’s anniversary, which heightened the romantic feeling of the day. Awe inspiring scenery, my budding love affair with the Tuono and the anticipation of viewing majestic Arches National Park has left me eager for tomorrow’s full day of enchanting scenery.

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