Acerbis new IMPACT Knee Braces, Elbow Guards

The new Acerbis IMPACT series of knee braces and elbow guards are having a huge "impact" on the off-road market. Designed in two parts to offer a superior range of motion without sacrificing protection, these new knee braces offer a perfect combination of technical and visual features.

Billed as the most technologically developed kneeguard on the market, the EVO’s three-part design was borrowed from Acerbis’ Soccer division and features a special shin guard shell to set it apart from the basic knee braces on the market. The fully articulated knee joint is constructed of durable polycarbonate for maximum strength while the upper and lower panels are made from a plush polypropylene for added comfort.

Speaking of comfort, the padding is made from a thermoexpanded fabric with a lycra liner (hey, we told you these were technologically advanced!). The lightweight IMPACT elbow guards feature ergonomic inner padding covered by a hard shell for double impact protection. Integrated air-intake scoops help keep things cool, no matter how hot the racing gets. Adjustable straps ensure both the elbow guards and EVO knee braces can fit almost any contour.


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