2010 Yamaha YZF250F review by Josh Coppins

Yamaha MX rider Josh Coppins was the perfect choice to give the new 2010 YZF250F a workout on the tough New Seven Hills track in Berghem last week. The world class rider was clearly impressed with the machine which features a new aluminium bilateral frame and redistributed radiator and fuel tank for a more centralized bike mass.

Handling has also been improved with developments to the suspension including damping valves and inner rods at the front and a repositioning of the rear suspension unit. The result means riders now experience better feel on fast turn-ins and better cushioning performance on the bumps. Coppins was also impressed with the engine improvements, the liquid cooled 4-stroke DOHC single cylinder engine has been updated with revised carburetor settings and improved ignition characteristics which offer more linear power delivery through the rev range for more control.

Josh Coppins Speaks… (He rides the new YZ250F)

"This was the first time I’ve seen the new 2010 YZF250F myself," said Coppins. "I must say that Yamaha did a great job. The 250F has changed quite a bit which was a positive surprise for me. The new bike has a completely new look which is fast and aggressive. The technical changes are also significant, I really enjoyed riding it. Even though I was riding the stock bike, felt like a 125, really light, easy and fun. Compared to the previous 250, the new machine feels and sounds more powerful and is even easier to corner."

The new 2010 YZ250F is available from August in selected Yamaha Dealers Europe-wide.


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