Bulldog enters Custom Bike Building contest

Big Dog Motorcycles, the leading manufacturer of high performance, high style motorcycles, will feature its all-new Bulldog in the 2009 World Championship of Custom Bike Building, held during Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. The rubber-mounted, high performance bagger motorcycle, with a 15th anniversary limited edition paint scheme, further reinforces the company design and engineering talents while also highlighting its custom paint operations.

"The very architecture of the new Bulldog embodies the style and power of a pure, high performance touring motorcycle," described Doug Stuhlsatz, Vice President, Sales, Marketing & Administration. "The Bulldog successfully unites acclaimed Big Dog design and thrilling riding performance, and caps our most diverse line-up in our 15-year history."

‘With its extensive design features - from the hard saddle bags to the fully functional custom-designed fairing to the driver and passenger comfort cues - the Bulldog best illustrates our capabilities making it ideal for display in such a venue as the World Championship," added Stuhlsatz.

The Bulldog, launched in spring 2009, will also be on hand at both factory displays - on Lazelle Street at Champions Park and at Monkey Rock - and at the Interstate Batteries display. Interstate is the exclusive battery supplier to Big Dog Motorcycles. "We are very pleased with our relationship with Interstate Batteries, their product quality, and dealer support. And we appreciate their efforts in helping promote our new Bulldog during the event," Stuhlsatz continued. "Sturgis is the first major rally we have attended since the Bulldog's launch; we're excited to let thousands of riders see its design firsthand."
The Bulldog

At the front, the 8½-foot long Bulldog has a fully functional fairing. Carefully designed, the fairing houses a windscreen and incredible sound system comprising of two 5 1/4" speakers and a marine-grade Alpine® iDA0-X100m digital receiver. The receiver has several features to enhance the riding experience: built-in amplifier; iPod ready; Bluetooth compatible; satellite and hi-definition radio ready; and a detachable face to deter theft.

The front is also marked by a 120/70R21 tire cradled in 41mm Telescopic front forks for a smooth, active suspension.

To complete the bagger package, the Bulldog comes equipped with locking leak-proof fiberglass saddle bags. With substantial room to hold traveling gear, the hard bags bookend the motorcycle's fat 250/40R18 rear tire and steel rear fender. Additional storage capabilities are available with Big Dog Motorcycles' own proprietary luggage racks and T-Bag® storage bags.

Nitrogen gas shocks, located behind the saddle bags, dramatically improve the Bulldog's ride.

Several other features also contribute to a pleasant riding experience. The bike's sleek, yet ample 4½-gallon tank allows the rider to go several miles between fill-ups for a longer ride benefit. Additional creature comforts are a standard fast back seat, driver and passenger floor boards, ergonomically-designed pullback handlebars, and a comfortable seat height.

A two-up touring seat with removable driver backrest and passenger backrest pad are also available.
Rubber Mounted Engine & Transmission

"In addition to numerous design cues, other expectations on a Big Dog of this caliber are a powerful engine, proven transmission, and smooth, active front and rear suspension...all to make the Bulldog perfect in any riding environment, the bike is a highly exhilarating form of travel, whether the distance short or long," described Paul Hansen, Marketing Director.

It was only logical for Big Dog Motorcycles, when drafting out this versatile new model, to include its in-depth engine and driveline know-how.

The bike's 111 cubic inch (1,807cc) electronically fuel injected engine provides optimum horsepower and torque from idle through higher rpms. The 45-degree V-twin engine, with its 4 1/8" x 4 1/8" bore x stroke, is rubber-mounted for reduced vibration and a smoother ride. Handling the power of the beefy, responsive engine is Big Dog Motorcycles' award-winning 6-speed BDM Balance Drive system.

Better performance, improved throttle response, increased torque, easier starting, and cleaner emissions is the result of the closed-loop EFI system by constantly checking air temperature; throttle position; exhaust oxygen levels; and engine temperature and speed.

Rider speed is also tracked by an all-new speedometer. The multi-function, chrome speedo allows the rider to alternate between digital and analog displays. Readouts include speed, odometer, miles to service, and MPH/KPH modes. Iridescent blue lighting at night and self-dimming in lighter conditions provide optimal visibility.

The clutch, redesigned in 2008, dramatically reduces lever effort for smooth and easy gear engagement. New for 2009, a primary compensator sprocket ensures a smoother, quieter ride as more power is applied.
Frame & Chassis

The Bulldog's frame geometry contributes to its confident stance and amazing agility. The bike's 37-degree frame rake, fork length of just 1" over standard, and low ground clearance make the motorcycle easy to maneuver. And the 4" stretch in the backbone and 8½-foot length adds to its appeal.

"With pleasing, easy-to-handle frame geometry, this is a particularly manageable bike," Hansen explained. "Add that to the bike's versatility, high performance sportiness, sophisticated technology and Big Dog styling, and it's unlike any bagger out there today."

Other standard engine and performance components include 2:1 double-barrel exhaust; exclusive coil cover design; and PM 4-piston brakes for unrivaled braking control.

"The Bulldog is an uncompromising bike that rewards its owners with impeccable performance and maximum style," Hansen continued. "With features never before seen on a Big Dog, the bike reflects the talents of our engineering team, the direction of our sales and marketing team, and the input of our dealers."



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