Preparing for a Journey to Panama

Motorcycle Adventure Prep

A 12,000-mile international ride through developing counties requires extensive preparations and provisions. Performance generally takes a pillion seat to endurance, and practicality trumps all; a breakdown in a remote area could become a life-or-death predicament. An effective mix of BMW accessories with aftermarket specialty items resulted in a drama-free adventure, from both a human and machine standpoint.

In addition to the plethora of accessories shown in the accompanying photo, we also brought a number of critical spares-EWS antenna ring, fuel pump modulator, final drive seal kit and alternator belts. The manifest was divined from a combination of personal and shared experiences. Fortunately, none of those parts were needed, but the piece of mind they provided was priceless.

Öhlins suspension provided crucial comfort, in addition to enhanced performance, and the Metzler Tourance tires delivered both outstanding wear and traction in the widest variety of terrain. Garmin's eTrex Legend GPS system kept us on track where mapping was scarce. For our bodies, the durable, premium apparel from Shoei, BMW, Sidi and Alpinestars was essential for comfort and safety.


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