Michael Lichter’s 9th Annual Motorcycles as Art Exhibition

You’ll want to be sure and catch Michael Lichter’s 9th annual Motorcycles as Art Exhibition during this year’s Sturgis Rally at the Legendary Buffalo Chip. The exhibit titled "Rebel Rousers- Motorcycle Icons that Inspired Us to Ride" is a must-see attraction at this year’s festivities. The exhibition will be open to the public Saturday, August 1st through Friday, August 7th, and admission is free.

"From studio to riding shots of our lifestyle, he is a true motorcycle fan and rider. There is none greater than Michael." Agrees reputable motorcycle builders and industry insiders, Brian and Laura Klock of Klock Werks located in South Dakota. "He is to be commended for all he gives back to our industry. Don’t miss his show at Sturgis; it’s one of the highlights of the whole week, true art from a true gentleman of the industry!"

Michael Lichter is the authority when it comes to the photography of custom motorcycles and the biker lifestyle and this year’s exhibit "Rebel Rousers-Motorcycle Icons that Inspired us to Ride" showcases his talent for collecting the best examples of motorcycles and art to explore a subject. This is Lichter’s ninth year as curator for the original Sturgis art and motorcycle exhibition. In 2001 Michael was the curator of his first exhibit entitled ‘The Biker Generation’ and since that time has touched on a variety of motorcycle themes during the yearly Sturgis exhibition including "One World Choppers", "Speed Demons" and "School’s Out". Lichter has had the opportunity to curate numerous exhibitions, and was recently curator of the Arlen Ness "Awesome Ness" AMA exhibition on display in their Hall of Legends.

A champion of Lichter’s work, Arlen Ness said "I had a bike in Mike’s first exhibit in Sturgis and several since then. Through Mike’s hard work and vision he has built this exhibit into the premiere art and motorcycle event in the Black Hills. He is great to work with and I’m glad to see they found him a permanent home out at the Buffalo Chip."

This year’s Rebel Rousers exhibit will be showcased in the brand-new 6,500 square foot Lichter Exhibition Hall at the Legendary Buffalo Chip. The exhibition hall, built specifically for Michael’s current and future displays, will accommodate a number of revered images and sacred memorabilia central to the biker culture. The exhibit will focus on the history and celebrated icons of the motorcycle industry through a review of iconic motorcycles, art and movie memorabilia. On display will be numerous motorcycles from film such as the Captain America and Billy Bike from the movie Easy Rider, as well as representations of iconic bikes. These iconic bikes include an early 1960’s Honda Superhawk similar to the one used in Elvis Presley’s film Roustabout and a Superhawk which Robert M. Persig rode in the iconic book Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.

Bikes such as Jesse James’ "Camel Bike" and Indian Larry’s "Wild Child" Biker Build-Off bike will also be featured to represent a more modern influence on motorcycle cultural icons. Memorable images will include posters and stills from such films as The Wild Ones, On Any Sunday and Easy Rider. The exhibit also depicts contemporary images and bikes that will likely be considered iconic to future generations of bikers. The hope is that all who take in the exhibit will see something that speaks to them personally and they say to themselves "That is what inspired me to ride".

"Through the years of attending and participating in Michael Lichter’s Sturgis exhibitions, it has become clear that he has carved out a pattern of excellence. Michael’s exhibition, which is the original art show in Sturgis, not only stimulates the senses, it inspires unique insights as to the origins of some of the pinnacles of our industry." Said artist David Uhl. With the simple objective of melding art and motorcycles together, Michael succeeds in a way that bikers can genuinely appreciate.

After the landmark 1998 exhibition at the Guggenheim titled "Art of the Motorcycle" Lichter decided to take that concept to the motorcycle masses in Sturgis, this will be the ninth year running for his motorcycles as art exhibit in Sturgis. Lichter is able to explore the iconic imagery associated with the motorcycle culture and succeeds in perpetuating the passion that originally inspired fans to hop on two wheels. This year’s display truly captures the iconic essence of the motorcycle genre and makes the 9th Annual Motorcycle as Art Exhibit Lichter’s tour de force and a veritable masterpiece.

Rebel Rousers would like to thank this year’s sponsors including Interstate Battery, Metzeler Tires, Progressive Insurance, Spectro Oil, Renewable Fuels Association and Baker Drivetrain.



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