Yamaha Champions Riding School adds July class dates

The Yamaha Champions Riding School at Miller Motorsports Park is adding an additional July school date to their current calendar due to higher-than-expected demand.

"We are excited about the interest we are getting in the school so early on," said Daniel Short, manager of the Yamaha Champions Riding School. "We expected a lot of interest, but having to add a class to our schedule really shows how many people are in need of the services we are providing."

The new school date is July 23-24, and it will be a two-day, level-one school designed to help any rider who wants to improve their skills and proficiency to become a safer, more consistent rider.

"The most important thing we do in this school is help riders to control their motorcycle better," said Nick Ienatsch, lead instructor for the Yamaha Champions Riding School. "The most common problems we see in our sport are not a result of speed, but problems with controlling the motorcycle. Any rider can improve their control of the motorcycle, and that is how we can help riders of all skill levels and abilities in every class; from our level-one schools to our pro schools."

The skills taught at the Yamaha Champions Riding School can make an incredible difference in a person's riding.

"I started riding motorcycles just a few years a ago," said Phil Horwitz, a recent graduate of the Yamaha Champions Riding School. "One of the first things I did was sign up for a school with the instructors who teach the Yamaha Champions Riding School. Everything I have accomplished in my riding, and the skills I have gained, have come from them."

The Yamaha Champions Riding School provides opportunities for every rider. Whether they ride a sport bike or a cruiser, young or old, experienced or a new rider, the school will help every rider who attends and has the desire to learn and improve.

"I am a fairly inexperienced rider who rides with my wife and wanted to learn to ride better," said Bruce Culp, another recent graduate of the Yamaha Champions Riding School. "I had certain expectations of a structured class, individual instruction and a first-class program. From the minute I arrived, this school exceeded my expectations.

"I knew before lunch the first day this was the best thing I could have done for my riding," Bruce continued. "It was so good I signed my wife up for an upcoming school so that we would both be better riders and enjoy our riding experience even more."

Each Yamaha Champions Riding School is limited to 20 riders to ensure a four-to-one student to instructor ratio, so space is limited.

To sign up for the July 23-24 Yamaha Champions Riding School, call Daniel Short at 435-277-8799.


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