Haga crashes with massive high-side

Derby (UK), Monday 29th June: Noriyuki Haga, Ducati Xerox Team rider and current leader of the World Superbike Championship, was transported to the Emergency department of Derby City Hospital by helicopter at about 5pm yesterday afternoon, after having been victim of a massive high-side during Race 2 at Donington Park.

The Japanese rider, accompanied by doctors from the Clinica Mobile, was seen by Doctor Rajan and once extensive tests and un urgent CAT scan were carried out, Dr. Rajan declared that the fracture to one of the vertebrae that had shown up on the X-ray taken at the circuit’s Medical Centre was actually a very old fracture and must have been caused during another much earlier incident, years previously. This fracture has, over time, sealed without medical intervention and doesn’t present a problem.

After a stable night in the Pre-Op assessment ward of Derby City Hospital, Noriyuki Haga will undergo surgery this afternoon to insert a plate and screws in his right forearm, to set a fracture to the right ulna. He is continuing to experience pain in the left shoulder blade, and so although no serious damage has yet been detected, doctors will investigate further to understand the cause of the pain.

The only injury needing immediate treatment at this time is the broken ulna. If the surgery is deemed a success, and there are no complications regarding his shoulder blade, Noriyuki should be able to return home to Italy in the next two days and the Ducati Xerox Team does not currently exclude the possibility of Noriyuki’s return to the track in time for the next round in the Czech Republic, on the 26th July at Brno.