Gear / Parts Alpinestars ATL Leather Jacket Review, and more

Alpinestars ATL Leather Jacket Review, and more

Alpinestars ATL Leather Jacket, GPX Leather Gloves, and Street Cargo Pants Reviews

When I put the Alpinestars ATL relaxed fit leather motorcycle jacket on, I felt like a pit bull–stocky and solid. The 1.2-1.4mm thick, full-grain leather made its presence felt with its bulk and stiffness. I certainly felt I would be in good hands, so to speak, in the unfortunate event I’d find myself sliding across the pavement. The ATL jacket is equipped with removable CE-certified soft elbow and shoulder protectors and PE pads in both the back and chest areas.Alpinestars ATL Jacket Review

For those truly preparing to go to battle, there’s a Bionic Chest guard and a CE-certified RC back protector available as optional accessories. Pre-curved sleeves allow enhanced riding comfort. The ATL jacket is uniformly wider and looser fitting, most notably in the torso, than most jackets in this genre, thus the relaxed fit nomenclature.

While preparing for a 250-mile ride with some friends that started on a cool, sunny Southern California morning on the outskirts of Los Angeles, I noticed how impressively convenient and versatile the ATL is. As the weather was a bit cool in the morning, I chose to leave in the removable thermal vest. This allowed me a duplicate version of the 3 inside pockets of the jacket, for a total of 6 pockets inside and 2 outside. This was more than enough room to store my sunglasses, wallet, camera, and house keys, yet still remain comfortable. Other notable conveniences are the Velcro and leather waist adjustment tabs and the waist connection zipper that allows attachment to select Alpinestars pants.

Over the course of our ride, with the exception of our lunch break at the snow-capped mountains of Frazier Park, the temperature grew increasingly warmer. It was then that I noticed the helpful cooling effect of the perforated leather panels on the shoulders, inner arms and upper back. I also unzipped the wrist/forearm zippers for added ventilation. This is easily done and the jacket keeps its integrity due to the adjustable Velcro fasteners on the wrist enclosures. The same two qualities allow for a wide variety of gloves to be comfortably worn with the ATL as well.

I noticed only a pair of shortcomings while wearing this jacket. I found it difficult to access the outside pockets, as the zippers are very small and hidden behind the leather pleated pocket covers. The pocket placement felt high on my torso, which made reaching the zipper in the top position even more challenging. Because there are so many pockets inside the jacket, I opted for those and this minor inconvenience was of little consequence. Also, the Velcro that holds the collar fastener came apart after only having the jacket for about a week.

Minor blemishes aside, the Alpinestars ATL jacket is blessed with top quality leather and a flat, multiple stitched pattern that make this a durable, long-lasting jacket. Its overall comfort, safety features and versatility, coupled with the traditionally great style that is Alpinestars make this a great all-round motorcycle-riding jacket.

Alpinestars GPX Leather Gloves

There is a significant relationship between throttle, appendage, and that which sheathes in between. Trust is essential. The new Alpinestars GPX leather gloves are agile, comfortable and safety-oriented in such a way that, if they were gauntlet-equipped, they would be ready for the track.

These true-to-size gloves are well fortified, yet still manage to be non-intrusive and lightweight. Built with polyurethane knuckle and wrist protection, as well as gussets abound that cover fingers, thumb and palm, I was surprised at how flexible and responsive the GPX gloves are. This is due, in part, to the accordion leather stretch insert panels that cover the thumb and fingers. These gloves also feature a ring-finger-to-pinkie bridge; a patented safety technology that prevents finger separation in the event of a slide.

Alpinestars is surely not shy when it comes to performance. They were thoughtful enough to add a light, grippy rubber coating to the tips of the first two fingers for better clutch and front brake operation, as well as a synthetic suede palm treatment with reinforcements for better grip. I detected no bunching in the palm area, a factor that, if not addressed, can be distracting at best, and can sometimes hinder performance or compromise safety.

The GPX gloves are easy to get in and out of due to the short cuff and single Velcro strap. They’re so soft and feel broken in right out of the box-a pleasant surprise. The gloves are ventilated, which help my hands breath, yet the gloves are warm enough on my morning commutes to work.

When the Alpinestars GPX gloves come between my motorcycle and me, I trust them. They are loyal, flexible, reliable and sturdy-all attributes of a quality relationship.

Alpinestars Street Cargo Pants

In the wide world of motorcycle apparel, the options are varied and vast. This can sometimes prove to be confusing when trying to find the right gear to match the desideratum of the rider. The Alpinestars Street Cargo Pants are a prime archetype of textile pants that gratifies my need for something durable, comfortable, stylish and practical.

The abrasion-resistant 600 Denier fabric outer shell is both waterproof and breathable. This feature, in addition to the removable inner liner, creates versatility for these pants to be worn year-round in Southern California, where I ride. With the addition of removable CE Certified knee and shin protectors, I noticed I felt far safer in these industrial-strength Street Cargo pants than in jeans.

Equipped with a total of 7 pockets and 2 Velcro waist adjustment straps, Alpinestars has a way of discretely packing a lot of useful features into their gear while keeping the integrity of the style intact. The two cargo style pockets feature Velcro enclosures and a rubber tab with the Alpinestars logo that makes them easier to manipulate without removing my gloves. My appreciation for that detail was especially felt during stops for refueling.

These Alpinestars pants are comfortable, both on and off the motorcycle. While riding, I was pleasantly surprised by the flexibility I achieved in the tucked riding position. This is due to the off-road-style stretch fabric that is creatively placed beneath a textile panel around the waist. I also found them adequately comfortable to wear while eating lunch and running errands.

The Alpinestars Street Cargo textile pants are a first-rate option for touring and commuting. They have once again found a way to stylishly combine utility with creativity, thus making them an excellent choice for an all-around pair of riding pants.


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