MotoGP 800cc era shifted balance of power

Since the introduction of the 800cc MotoGP machines at the start of 2007 there have been 40 races. The following summary compares the results of each of the five manufacturers competing in the class. Jorge Lorenzo's victory in France takes Yamaha to just one less victory than Ducati since the start of the 800cc era. Both Yamaha and Ducati now have had exactly the same number of poles in this period.

>> Ducati has 18 wins, 34 podiums, 15 poles

>> Yamaha has 17 wins, 40 podiums, 15 poles

>> Honda has 4 wins, 33 podiums, 9 poles

>> Suzuki has only 1 win, 11 podiums, 1 pole

>> Kawasaki has 0 wins, 2 podiums, 0 poles


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