On-site turbocharger installations at Sturgis

Trask Performance has just announced they will be offering on-site turbocharger installations at major bike events throughout the U.S. starting with Sturgis.

The leader in HD Turbocharging technology, will integrate a full installation facility into their vendor display. The on-sight shop will have full capability to install and tune the company's unique turbo packages to HD FI machines fit with Zipper's ThunderMax EFI Auto Tune. The installations will be handled by Trask factory technicians and the complete install should take approximately 6 hours.

It is suggested that you make prior reservations but, they will be fully stocked to handle "walk-in" customers as well. For many enthusiasts this arrangement provides a unique opportunity to have the factory install one of these awesome conversions with all the related benefits. It should be noted that Trask will not be cutting any corners due to the venue.

Each system will receive the same meticulous attention to detail as it would at the factory, hence the 6 hour time line. One thing is for certain, if you're looking for increased performance for your road bike without worrying about the reliability factor, the Trask package will provide a performance boost unlike any other single bolt-on component. Call ahead to 623-879-8488.


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