FMF Apex and Motonation coming your way

FMF’s APEX line of high quality, high performance road racing exhaust was built for power, speed and style. Handcrafted and battle tested right here in the USA under one roof in Southern California, APEX owns everything that crosses it path. APEX has drawn the attention of a number of key industry groups since it was released in 2008.                                                                                                          

From FMF’s present excellent distributors; Parts Unlimited, Tucker Rocky and Western Powersports to Honda’s Factory Road Race team, Neil Hodgson- the best the industry offers is drawn to FMF – APEX line of road racing exhaust.

FMF’s founder, Don Emler had this to say:

"FMF’s distribution policy is to always have all of the countries top distributors representing our brands. Over the last few years Motonation has joined this echelon, certainly in the market segment of high end street products, and thus they are a great addition to the APEX distribution mix."

Motonation’s President, Bill Berroth responds:

"A distributor would have to have his head in the sand to not notice what a great addition to FMF that the APEX line brings, the silencers are of the highest quality, fit and performance. As the majority of Motonation’s business is transacted in this market segment it is natural that Motonation would like to be a part of what will be the APEX success story, we are very proud that FMF recognizes what Motonation can bring to the brand and we are looking forward to showing the APEX products to the finest motorcycle shops in the USA, Motonation’s Partner retailers."

Doug Muellner – National Sales Manager – – (310) 900-5611

Bill Berroth – President – – (619) 401-4107

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