Racing Striped

Low, swooping, and silkily powerful, the Suzuki M109R possesses an intriguing combination of smooth lines and aggressive performance. With a nod to the sporting aspects of the power cruiser’s multifarious personality, Suzuki is releasing a Limited Edition M109RZ. This low volume iteration incorporates subtle visual variations intended to appeal to riders who appreciate more dynamic styling. (Click image to enlarge)

Clad in a brilliant blue hue that distinguishes it from the standard issue M109R, the Limited Edition highlights the muscularity of the bike’s sculpted shapes. Bisecting the paint is a white racing stripe that passes over the distinctive nacelle, across the large teardrop tank, and over the fenders. Streamlining the rear is a clear taillight lens inside which red LEDs recess elegantly. Clear turn signals float unobtrusively on either side of the bike’s body, providing an uncluttered look, while a checkerboard speedometer adds another racing cue. One unique feature which, quite literally, can be appreciated by the seat of one’s pants, is the textured saddle with an embossed Suzuki logo. Though not quite a backrest, any added seat traction is beneficial on a Gixxer-inspired bike notorious for lengthening arms by pulling the body back.

While the Limited Edition shares the same mechanicals as all M109Rs, it enjoys the bragging rights of looking ever so slightly cooler.


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