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  • Red Wing 969 Motorcycle Boots | Review

    Red Wing 969 Motorcycle Boots | Review

    Whenever I see riders in tennis shoes, I wince. Even on a bike with floorboards and heel-toe shifting, I like to wear substantial footwear. On a sport bike, that means something from Sidi, usually. But, on a cruiser, I want less flash and more attitude. The Red Wing 968 boots is a boot that relies on understated toughness to get its point across.

  • 2007 Triumph Speedmaster | WebTest

    2007 Triumph Speedmaster | WebTest

    I’ve got to hand it to Triumph—the British company loves to do things differently. They offer us triple-cylinder sport bikes in unlikely displacement categories (1050 and 675), they have a longitudinally mounted three-cylinder cruiser and tourer with a displacement measured in cubic liters (2.3), rather than centimeters, and they do retro quite convincingly (the Bonneville, Thruxton and Scrambler).