Ultimate Motorcycling 20th Anniversary; Teejay Adams Reflects

Ultimate Motorcycling 20th Anniversary - Teejay Adams - Kawasaki

My passion for motorcycling ignited at 16 when I met a group of motorcycle guys whilst still in school. I was instantly captivated by the futuristic machines—sleek Japanese beasts adorned in chrome and vibrant colors. Sneaking away to meet Clive, my new boyfriend, at the end of my street, I’d don as many clothes as deemed reasonable to evade my parents’ watchful eyes; riding motorcycles was strictly forbidden.

Editor’s Note: This month, we are celebrating Ultimate Motorcycling‘s 20th anniversary. We will be publishing reflections from members of the Ultimate Motorcycling staff and team. Ultimate Motorcycling Associate Editor Teejay Adams talks about her journey on two wheels and in love.

Clive, a mechanic, would patiently wait with a spare Bell helmet, emitting the then-unfamiliar scents of engine oil and leather. Together, we’d zoom off to rendezvous with other biker friends, racing at top speeds from London to the English coast for lukewarm cups of tea in greasy-spoon cafes. His fast riding mesmerized me, and his tight U-turns frightened me. I relished the newfound freedom of straddling the engine, as well as the camaraderie of the group.

Ultimate Motorcycling 20th Anniversary - Teejay Adams - Yamaha

Inspired, I bought my own Suzuki GT185 and obtained my bike license. Meanwhile, Clive introduced me to his friend Arthur, who I fell in love with at first sight. However, Arthur was recovering from a severe motorcycle accident, so we were not able to explore our mutual feelings. Amidst turbulent teenage emotions, I turned to buying a new Kawasaki Z400J and embarked on a solo journey from London to the south of France to “find myself”!

The sense of freedom on the open road was unparalleled. Even now, those feelings remain vivid, recalling the uplifting simplicity of life on the road—just me, my bike, my tent, and relying solely on myself. Riding through picturesque countryside and immersing myself in the beauty of France, each day brought new challenges and discoveries.

Upon returning to London, I felt invigorated and inspired by my epic motorcycle journey. Memories fueled a passion for adventure and a desire to explore the world, which has never waned.

Madly in love, Arthur and I enjoyed blissful years together, filled with motorcycle rides and life at full throttle; new jobs, parties, friends, puppies, buying a house, and all that golden-couple stuff that I cannot do justice to in a few sentences. We’d often dash after work on a Friday evening, ride to the coast, and jump on a ferry across the Channel to devour the roads of Europe. We toured through many countries together, working as a team to overcome the inevitable hiccups along the way.

Ultimate Motorcycling 20th Anniversary - Teejay Adams - Honda

Sadly, our intense highs were shattered by an equally intense breakup, and we lost contact completely. My lifetime of otherness panned out, emigrating to Australia, raising three boys, living through good and bad life experiences, all with a generous smattering of motorcycling, and all without my true love.

Then, miraculously, after nigh on 40 years, through a twist of fate, we found each other again, despite living on different continents. Arthur laughed when I asked him if he still had an interest in motorcycles. He had founded Ultimate Motorcycling and continues running this empire with the enthusiastic team that I have joined and love. We have come full circle.

Motorcycling, for me, has evolved from a mere hobby into a way of life. Our three sons ride, and I believe the riding enhances thought processes. Motos have brought me joy, freedom, and a sense of boundless possibilities. Riding constantly challenges me, and as I look ahead to future adventures, one thing remains certain—the call of the open road will always beckon me to new horizons. We’re here to live, so make sure you do just that. And, by the way, Clive remains our best friend.