Ultimate Motorcycling 20th Anniversary; Neil Wyenn Reflects

Ultimate Motorcycling 20th Anniversary; Neil Wyenn Rembers.

Writing for Ultimate Motorcycling has made my life more interesting.

I met Don Williams six years ago while walking my dog in my neighborhood. I had noticed a dirt bike in the back of a pickup truck in his driveway and knocked on his front door, hoping to meet a new riding partner.

Editor’s Note: This month, we are celebrating Ultimate Motorcycling‘s 20th anniversary. We will be publishing reflections from members of the Ultimate Motorcycling staff and team. Ultimate Motorcycling Associate Editor Neil Wyenn remembers a chance meeting with a neighbor.

I guess Don was not accustomed to 66-year-olds knocking on his door and asking if he wanted to come out and play, but that is exactly what I did. Once he got over the shock of an overly friendly, unsolicited solicitation, he started asking me questions about my bike and riding experience.

Ultimate Motorcycling 20th Anniversary; Neil Wyenn Reflects

When he found out that I had a Gen 2 Yamaha Venture, he shared with me that he had the Gen 3 Yamaha Star Eluder coming in that weekend. He asked me if I would like to take it for a ride and let him know how they compare.

Something clicked within me at that moment, and I thought of how buyers of that bike might plan on using it as a local ride bike but take that once-in-a-lifetime ride to experience Sturgis. How would the Eluder feel on that trip?

That Saturday, I took off early on it for a 500-mile ride through Death Valley. It just seemed natural to check-list my likes and dislikes. When I brought the Eluder back to the Ultimate Motorcycling stable, he asked me to write my impressions.

He took my “impressions” and turned them into my first review. Six years and 145 reviews later, I always have multiple products in-house for testing and review. The gear and parts I review motivate me to take rides that enhance my enjoyment of motorcycling.

Thanks for answering your door six years ago. I made a new friend and garnered new life experiences because of it.