Far Reach Outfitters Bike Knife Review [6-in-1 Wheel Tool]

Far Reach Outfitters’ Gen 2 Bike Knife is a uniquely designed single-tool assembly that replaces six tools I use for on-trail removal and reinstallation of the wheels on the Ultimate Motorcycling Yamaha Ténéré 700 Project Bike. That means a weight savings of almost 1.5 pounds compared to the six tools it replaces.

Far Reach Outfitters Bike Knife Review: Yamaha Ténéré 700

Far Reach Outfitters, based in Ontario, Canada, is an innovative manufacturer of specialized parts for the Ténéré 700 and Honda CRF450RL, as well as Bike Knife. Far Reach Outfitters has created other parts for the T7, including a locking pillion seat replacement rack, chainsaw holster, custom-length footpegs, and ECU relocation and relocation kits.

Far Reach Outfitters Bike Knife Review: Motorcycle Tool

The Bike Knife is available for 14 different ADV and dual-sport bikes from Honda, Yamaha, KTM, Husqvarna, GasGas, Kawasaki, and Suzuki. It is made from AR500 steel and features eight tools in its 8.5-inch assembly span. Here’s what the Ténéré 700 Gen 2 Bike knife incorporates:

  • 27mm socket; rear axle nut
  • 19mm hex; front axle
  • 10mm socket; front axle pinch bolts
  • 12mm socket; brake caliper bolts
  • 12mm open wrench; chain tensioner lock nut
  • 10mm open wrench; chain tensioner adjustment
  • 50 mm knife blade (or bottle opener, upon request)
  • Spoke wrench

The axles on the Yamaha Ténéré 700 are torqued tightly, and the Far Reach Outfitters Bike Knife assembly provides a full 12 inches for leverage. Without having to reach for another tool or socket that might get lost in the dirt, sand, or mud, the Bike Knife 10mm and 12mm sockets release brake caliper and pinch bolts. For tensioning your chain, the blades have 10mm and 12mm open ends. If you find a spoke that makes a thud instead of a ping, a spoke wrench is at the ready.

A 50mm blade is ground sharp under the 12mm open end and can be used to split kindling by hitting down on the ridges above the 27mm socket. The sharp blade is the end that slides into the Kydex sheath for everyone’s safety. It is strategically placed at the far end, directly opposite the handle of this half of the assembly.

The Bike Knife’s raw materials are laser cut in the USA and then shipped to Far Reach Outfitters for welding and final assembly. The Gen 2 Bike Knife runs $81 in unpainted raw steel, with a leather sheath (brown or black). If you want the Bike Knife painted black, add $7. The Kydex sheath is another $7 upgrade. Each Bike Knife and sheath is hand-inspected by Far Reach Outfitter owner Ryan Rosborough, who also develops the tools and parts.

Far Reach Outfitters Bike Knife For Sale

The Far Reach Outfitters Bike Knife is a unique approach to wheel-pulling tools. As it is so many tools in one, you won’t be leaving your elusive 10mm socket behind. The Bike Knife is convenient and has plenty of leverage for axle torquing. Its design allows it to be carried under the T7 pillion seat—you hope you won’t use it much, so you don’t need immediate access. The Bike Knife will be one heck of a conversation piece when you pull it out on the trail to fix a flat, chop wood, and show off your unlosable 10mm with seven more integrated tools.

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