Sidi Ladies Vertigo 2 Lei Boots Review [High-Performance]

Sidi Ladies Vertigo 2 Lei boots are the no-nonsense choice if you’re looking for serious protection for your feet on fast canyon rides or track days. One look at the boots confirms the focus on keeping your feet and lower legs injury-free, both on and off the bike.

Sidi Ladies Vertigo 2 Lei Boots Review: Price

The Vertigo 2 Lei boots start with Sidi’s vegan-friendly, proprietary chassis material—Technomicro. Claimed to be stronger than leather, the synthetic material is also water-repellant yet breathable. Unlike leather, the manmade material resists abrasion and scratching. This base layer is just the start, however, as there are quite a few different elements overlaying the Technomicro, giving the Vertigo 2 Lei boots their highly technical mien.

Even for those who don’t regularly crank their bikes over far enough to drag toes, the replaceable nylon toe slider is welcome. So, too, is the hard polyurethane cup that cradles your heel. It overlays a shock-absorbing layer and provides 3mm of diffusing impact protection. The shin has its own defenses. A nylon plate is double-stitched to the chassis. All these hard parts make my feet and lower legs feel completely secure when zipped into the Vertigo 2s.

Sidi Ladies Vertigo 2 Lei Boots Review: MSRP

In addition to impact resistance, the Sidi Ladies Vertigo 2 Lei boots look out for your ankles and Achilles tendons. Sidi’s Vertebra system is an external nylon brace running from the ankle up the calf on the non-bike side of the boot, extending across the back of the boot, and partially down the bike side. This support system frames the Achilles tendon and supports the ankle, resisting side-to-side movement.

The boot’s interior is not plush, nor would I expect it to be. The lean design of the Vertigo 2 allows your leg and feet to have as much feel as possible, both at the footpegs and against the bike.

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Despite the spare construction of the Sidi Ladies Vertigo 2 Lei boots, my socked feet immediately appreciate the feel of the inner liner. This smooth anti-microbial Teflon mesh creates a tiny buffer between your riding sock and the boot. The mesh does not absorb water or sweat, so your legs won’t get clammy even on hot days. Make sure to open the vent sliders to help air move through on those summer rides.

Zipping into sport boots with your leathers tucked can be a chore. Fortunately, a narrow three-inch stretch panel is incorporated alongside the zipper at the ankle bone, giving just enough grace to zip past this tight spot. The smooth gliding YKK zipper is further secured by a robust three-inch Velcro tab at the top of the boot.

Sidi Ladies Vertigo 2 Lei Boots Review: High-Performance Motorcycle Footwear

At this point, you can dial in the perfect fit via a rachet built into the Vertebra system that tightens a cable loop across the back of the boot. The adjustment can be made in tiny increments, and the generous range will accommodate well-developed calves. Squeeze the quick-release button on the ratchet knob to open the boot to its widest point.

The Sidi Ladies Vertigo 2 Lei boots have a one-inch heel that keeps my boot anchored on the footpeg, and the dual compound sole provides good traction on asphalt at a stop.

Sidi Ladies Vertigo 2 Lei Boots Review: Honda CBR500R

I don’t spend much time walking in boots with a high-performance purpose; Still, the accordion panel on the front of the Vertigo 2 supplies flexibility that is welcome when transferring from the parking lot to the lunchtime dining table. Finally, while I haven’t found myself riding with these boots after the sun goes down, there is a reflective insert just above the heel for visibility.

If you don’t notice your gear while riding, that usually means it’s doing its job well. The only time I’m aware of my Vertigo 2 boots is when I scrape a heel or toe in a tight turn, and they provide peace of mind. Otherwise, the boots are just an extension of me, allowing seamless shifting and braking, never getting in the way or feeling clunky. Off the motorcycle, it’s possible I might strut, just a little, as that’s what high-end Italian footwear does to you. Designed and made in Italy, the Sidi Ladies Vertigo 2 Lei boots are CE 2 rated, meeting the highest European Conformity standard for boots.

Sidi Ladies Vertigo 2 Lei Boots Fast Facts

  • Sizes: 5.5 – 10.5
  • Colors: Black
  • Safety certification: CE 2 EN 13634:2017

Sidi Ladies Vertigo 2 Lei Boots Price: $325 MSRP

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