2022 Locman-Ducati Watch Collection First Look: 3 New Models

Five years ago, Ducati teamed up with Elba-based watchmakers Locman to create all-Italian timepieces—from design to production. There are three new Locman-Ducati watches, all designed by Centro Stile Ducati and turned into finished products by Locman.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Locman name, the company was founded in 1986, and the company’s name is a portmanteau of founders Fulvio Locci and Marco Mantovani. Locman watches have made their way onto the wrists of a broad range of celebrities, including Elton John, Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Lopez, and Sharon Stone. It’s also a technically innovative company, having made the first watch with a carbon fiber case.

The new Locman-Ducati line of watches uses the same fascinating case. It uses the movement as a stressed member—performing the same function as the motor in the Ducati Panigale superbikes. Styling details differentiate the three Locman-Ducati watches for 2022.

Each of the three Locman-Ducati timepieces will be limited to a production of 100, with each example numbered. Although made in Italy, the watches use a Swiss Sellita SW500 25 jewels-stop second movement mounted on a titanium case back.

“For this new collection created with Locman, the Ducati designers wanted to create a technical watch, a high-performance yet refined product, perfectly in line with the style concepts we apply to our motorcycles,” explains Centro Stile Ducati Director Andrea Ferraresi. “The launch of the fourth generation of Locman-Ducati watches also consolidates the partnership between the two companies, both Italian and leaders in their respective sectors with important values ​​in common.”

Locman President Marco Mantovani chimed in, saying, “The collaboration with Ducati began in 2017 and is based on the combination of Italian style and technical performance, a mix that unites two brands for which time is crucial. Working with professionals like Andrea Ferraresi, who heads the Ducati design team, is a very stimulating experience. Ducati is also a world champion for its ability to combine beauty and performance, according to the best Made in Italy tradition. Ducati designers created this new collection, and we have been able to engineer and produce it with excellent results. We are proud of it.”

The Locman-Ducati watches can be purchased from select jewelers on five continents, Locman boutiques, and the Locman website. Prices range from $725 to $3845.

2022 Locman-Ducati Watch Collection Photo Gallery