The Ventura by Cortech Jeans Review [Denim Motorcycle Pants]

The Ventura by Cortech technical jeans are high-tech, high-protection, five-pocket pants with an approachable $170 MSRP price point.

The Ventura jeans offer two layers of protection. The outer layer of comfort stretch denim is blended with Dyneema polyethylene fibers claimed to be 15x stronger than steel (at the same weight) for strong abrasion resistance. The inner Dupont Kevlar lining is fully wrapped around from the hips, all the way down to the shins. The next step up from that is leather.

The Ventura by Cortech Jeans Review: For Sale

Not only do the Cortech Ventura jeans have two layers of substantial abrasion resistance, but all the critical seams are triple-stitched with high-strength Tex 75 thread. There are hidden pockets at the hips and knees to accept the optional Safe Tech CE-rated armor, which we highly recommend. The design of the knee armor pockets truly hides the armor from showing, and there is a tiny metal zipper on the inside edge of each knee pocket used for inserting the armor. If your dismount style includes dragging your knee over your gas tank when dismounting, don’t do that anymore—you might scratch your tank.

The Ventura by Cortech Jeans Review: Price

When I saw Cortech’s Ventura jeans for the first time, I wondered why they came with a shoelace where the belt goes. Not only is the shoelace threaded through the belt loops, but the shoelace has its own mini loops to thread through. I did some fashion research and found out that wearing a shoelace in place of a belt is a current trend. So, Cortech is shipping every Ventura jean with a shoelace belt to help you look your best. However, I would suggest that you leave the shoelace for evening attire. A belt threaded through the ample size loops, including double loops at the back, will probably do a better job of keeping your pants where they belong should you accidentally use the Ventura jeans’ protective features. The fly zipper is by YKK.

The Ventura by Cortech Jeans Review: MSRP

Although all this protection sounds like wearing a suit of armor from the 14th century, these are good-looking, comfortable jeans.  They are designed for body types that are not any beefier than mine. I am five-foot nine-inches, 190 pounds, with athletic thighs. The mid-rise waist and the rest of the jeans do stretch, so it is very comfortable, sitting or standing. The thighs are fitted, and there is a slight taper from the knee to the cuff.

The Ventura by Cortech Jeans Review: Kevlar Motorcycle Pants

The Cortech Ventura jeans have a third accent stitch that adds to the look of the pants and the integrity of the seams. The watch pocket is very deep—I can barely reach the bottom of it. The other four pockets are standard width and depth. Tooting my own horn, these jeans do make my butt look good.

Sitting on my Yamaha Venture with my feet up, gas stop to gas stop, the Cortech Ventura jeans disappear from my consciousness. Being two-layer jeans, they let a lot less air through than non-technical denim pants. When it is cool to cold in the Pacific Northwest, they are comfortable. However, the protective fabrics are on the warm side, and you’ll notice that when crossing the Mojave Desert in the summer. Fortunately, the soft feeling Kevlar lining will keep the darker outer layer denim from touching your skin directly.

Part of Cortech’s Boulevard Collective, the Ventura jeans are designed for the younger urban rider wearing a pair of The Slayer by Cortech riding shoes. Fitting my riding boots under the cuff is a tight squeeze.

I usually order 36×32 riding pants because I am a 34×30 in everyday jeans. I go for an extra two inches in the waist for potential cold-weather layering and gut comfort from pigging out at a roadside diner. The additional two inches of inseam keeps the cuffs from riding up when I have my feet on highway pegs. I bring this up because Cortech has sized the Ventura 36-inch waist with 31- and 34-inch inseams—three-inch increments. For the tall riders, there is only one 35-inch inseam that is paired with a 38-inch waist. Any extra length won’t scrape on the ground due to the tapered cuff.

As long as you can fit into one of 11 size combinations offered for The Ventura by Cortech, you will have an attractive and protective pair of riding jeans.

The Ventura by Cortech Jeans Fast Facts

  • Sizes: 11 choices w/ waist ranging from 30 to 42 inches
  • Colors: Black; Dark Rinse
  • Abrasion-resistant materials: Dyneema and Kevlar
  • Impact protection: Optional Safe Tech CE-rated armor for knees and hips

The Ventura by Cortech Jeans Price: $170 MSRP