2022 Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials Registration Opens April 15

With all the hoopla these days about the Winter Olympics and setting records, you might be thinking, “It sure would be cool to set a record of my own, but I’m into motorcycles, not snowboards, skis, or skates.” Well, you can. The Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials (BMST) are your chance to put your name in the record books! BMST is the official AMA Land Speed Grand Championship and is also sanctioned by the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) to allow World Motorcycle Land Speed Records to be recognized! The 2022 BMST runs from August 27 to September 1.

2022 Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials Registration Opens April 15: Record Holder Gary Ilminen

The beauty of the BMST is that it is one of those rare motorsport events where amateur competitors with limited resources have a real opportunity to make a little history and get their name in the record books. That is because most classes are not contended by high-dollar, factory-backed racing teams. I had the opportunity to experience that myself back in 2014.

Registration for the 2022 BMST opens on April 15 and can be done entirely online. Imagine having a chance to run your motorcycle on the legendary Bonneville Salt Flats just outside Wendover, Utah! More land-speed records have been set at Bonneville than anywhere else; some people say for that reason, it is the fastest racetrack in the world. I would add it is probably the most other-worldly beautiful racetrack in the world, as well.

Suppose running your bike on the salt and having it officially timed is on your bucket list, but you really don’t want to get into running for a record. No problem—you can do exactly that in the Run Whatcha Brung (RWB) category! The advance entry fee until July 13 is $175 for RWB, going up to $200 through entry at the event.

You must be a current American Motorcyclist Association (AMA/ATVA) member to run for a recognized national speed record in the AMA-sanctioned event. A photo ID is required for the rider.

The RWB early entry fee includes two passes down the salt flats and your official timing slip, plus an event participant T-shirt and goodie bag. Additionally, you can buy a half-price gate entry ($50/week) for each rider/crew member when purchased with registration, up to a maximum of three. Late entry after August 1, or on the salt, does not guarantee a participant T-shirt and goodie bags, which are available only while supplies last. Online entry closes on August 15, and gate entry is not included in onsite registration.

The AMA’s early pre-entry fee of $595 includes unlimited runs, National Records eligibility, and everything offered to RWB entrants. The entry fee from July 14, or at the event, increases to $850.

2022 Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials Registration Opens April 15: AMA and FIM

The FIM’s early pre-entry fee of $875 includes everything you see for the National Records riders, and adds eligibility for World Records. Entry fee increases to $975 on July 15.

All competitors in the FIM competition must hold a valid FIM International License issued by the AMA or the home FIM national affiliate (FMN) for international riders. Competitors must submit their license paperwork to AMA to submit to the FIM no later than a 30-day deadline before the event. This entry is conducted under the competition rules of the FIM.

In addition to the FIM information that you must submit to AMA or your FMN, you are required to complete your entry form and submit your event fees by the deadline.

Note that you don’t have to submit a separate AMA entry. Your FIM entry includes eligibility for AMA records- provided you meet the class requirements for the AMA. All attempts are automatically considered for both the FIM and AMA.

The FIM requires helmets for competition in its events to meet its specific performance FIM Racing Homologation Programme certification for helmets (FRHPhe). Helmets with only DOT certification are not acceptable for any FIM-sanctioned events.

An Additional Class fee applies where the same motorcycle and rider make a change to the initially entered class. Additional class pre-entry is recommended if you plan on running in two classes, as it will save time and paperwork in registration. Additional Class fees are $295 to the AMA, and $395 to the FIM. That goes up $50 to the AMA and $55 to the FIM at the event.

No additional class onsite registration is permitted on the final day of racing, per AMA LSR Regulations. A separate entry is required if a second rider is entering on the same motorcycle but in a different class. If the second rider is in the same class, see Additional Rider information. The Additional Class fee includes unlimited runs and eligibility for National Records. FIM Additional Class participants must complete all the appropriate World Records Application information. Online Additional Class entries are charged a $65 (AMA)/$100 (FIM) non-refundable deposit fee, with the remaining balance due when registering onsite.

An Additional Rider fee applies where the same motorcycle and class has a second rider. Additional Rider fees are AMA $295 and FIM $395 in advance or AMA $345 and FIM $450 at the event. Additional Rider registration can be submitted at the same time, or after the original entry using supplemental forms. Additional Rider pre-entry is recommended if you plan on running two or more riders, again, to save time and paperwork at registration.

A separate entry form and medical information are required for each rider in addition to the original rider. If the subsequent riders will be running the motorcycle in a different class, a separate full entry is required. Additional riders in FIM competition must complete all the appropriate World Records Application and Licensing information.

The Additional Rider fee includes unlimited runs, prize money and awards eligibility, and event participant T-shirt and goodie bag (subject to availability after August 1).

One of the neat things about competing at Bonneville is that you can pick your own number for your motorcycle. You’ll want to do it in advance, so you can have the correct number on your number plate. If the number you choose is already taken, you’ll be notified, and you can either pick a different one or just have one assigned.

Be sure to check the Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials website for complete information, and any updates to fees or requirements when registering on or after April 15, 2022.