MP Magic 37.5 Tech Merino Wool Socks Review (All-Season Footwear)

I’m very picky when it comes to motorcycle socks. For dirt bikes, it’s easy. I always wear Fly Racing Knee Brace socks, as they work flawlessly with my Alpinestars knee braces and any off-road boots. However, it gets much more complicated for street riding. I have a drawer full of socks, and I carefully pick out which pair I’m going to wear, based on my boot choice and the weather conditions. Winter socks are critical to me, and the new MP Magic 37.5 Tech Merino Wool socks make an interesting claim.

Using 37.5 Technology yarn, the socks are claimed to help keep your foot temperature at 37.5ºC (99.5ºF—at the high end of normal body temperature) and 37.5 percent humidity. According to 37.5 Technology, 37.5 percent humidity is the ideal relative humidity for your skin.

The 37.5 Technology yarn makes up 15 percent of the sock material, with Merino wool taking care of 70 percent. Merino wool comes from Merino sheep, naturally, and has an excellent reputation with the non-motorized outdoor recreation crowd. It seems they’re onto something.

MP Magic 37.5 Tech Merino Wool socks Review

The MP Magic 37.5 Tech Merino Wool socks aren’t marketed as strictly a motorcycle sock, yet they have many motorcycling-friendly features. There’s plenty of padding in the ankle and sole area—great for comfort. The sock’s instep is almost mesh, allowing easy foot movement for control actuation, plus good feel for the shift lever.

MP Magic 37.5 Tech Merino Wool socks Price

Testing the socks in chilly weather was quite easy. I put them on, went for a ride, and forgot about them. My feet never got cold, so I was always comfortable—exactly what I want in any apparel.

The big test came on a late spring ride from Los Angeles to high-altitude Williams, Arizona. In a single day, I went from 45 degrees in the morning to mid-90s all through the afternoon. The MP Magic 37.5 Tech Merino Wools socks never attracted my attention. Really, everything except my feet got either hot, chilly, or both. My feet were comfortable the entire time.

It seems the 37.5 Technology is not hype—it’s real!

There are two sizes—S/M for men’s sizes 5.5 to 10, and L/XL for sizes 10.5-15. At a size 9, the S/M socks are snug. Fortunately, I like a close fit, so it wasn’t a problem. I would say the socks run a bit smaller than advertised. Also, the socks are thinner than many winter socks, so they don’t play as much havoc with boot fit.

MP Magic 37.5 Tech Merino Wool motorcycle Socks

When putting them on and taking them off, you will immediately notice the luxurious feel. Merino wool is the dominant material, and it feels terrific on the skin. The socks are ergonomically designed, with a left and a right sock. While that’s not a big deal, I appreciate that sort of attention to detail. The sock goes up to my lower calf, which is enough for all but the tallest street boots. There’s a bit of spring to the fit, as the MP Magic socks are 9.5 percent Lycra.

MP Magic 37.5 Tech Merino Wool socks: All weather motorcycle

Maintenance of the socks is easy; machine-wash them in warm or warm/cold water and let them dry flat. I can’t tell you about the MP Magic 37.5 Tech Merino Wool socks’ longevity, as I rotate through so many pairs. However, they seem exceptionally well-made. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them still in my sock drawer in 2030.

If you typically wear dress or athletic socks in your motorcycle boots, you might be surprised at how much you enjoy a sock upgrade. At $57 for three pair, they are pricey for daily use. However, for the weekend rider and occasional tourer, the three pairs of MP Magic 3.75 Tech Merino Wool socks should last you for a very long time.

MP Magic 37.5 Tech Merino Wool Socks Fast Facts

  • Sizes: S/M (men 5.5-10; women 6=11.5); L/XL (men 10.5-15; women 12-16)
  • Materials: Merino Wool (70 percent); 37.5 Technology Yarn (15 percent); Lycra (9.5 percent); MP Special Nylon Yarn (5.5 percent)
  • Colors: Black; Grey

MP Magic 37.5 Tech Merino Wool Socks Price: $57/3-pair