2021 House of Kolor Calendar: Motorcycles, Trucks, and Hot Rods

If you’re looking for a way to brighten up your new year, the 2021 House of Kolor Calendar has no shortage of retina-burning colors. The calendar features 11 vehicles—five of them motorcycles—for your monthly enjoyment. In addition to four Harley-Davidsons, there are various custom trucks and hot rods with striking paint jobs.

“The calendar recognizes true talent, artists using our custom brand to do what they do,” House of Kolor Vice President of Marketing Rob Mowson explains. “Each and every project featured in the catalog reinforces House of Kolor’s unlimited color range and effect, which goes beyond traditional pearls and flakes, capturing truly stunning and radical multi-dimensional finishes.”

2021 Motorcycle Calendar: House of Kolor

December 2021 is dedicated to legendary airbrush artist and pinstriper Mike Lavallee of Killer Paint. Lavallee invented the industry-standard True Fire technique to reproduce realistic flames with paint. If that sounds easy, and it doesn’t, consider the House of Kolors paint used—apple red, chrome yellow, Kandy tangerine, molly orange, pagan gold, and passion purple pearl, as well as black and white. Lavallee died on April 14, 2020.

This year marks a download option’s debut, in addition to the printed 2021 House of Kolor Calendar (which is now sold out). If you subscribe to House of Kolor’s quarterly email newsletter, you get calendar downloads for your mobile device and desktop computer. House of Kolor is also encouraging builders who use its paint to submit photos for the 2022 calendar.

2021 House of Kolor Calendar Monthly Lineup