New Screamin’ Eagle Stage III 122ci Kits for Touring Models (8 Fast Facts)

122ci Kit
119ci Kit

Touring across the nation two-up with plenty of luggage might find you wishing for more power than is available from your 2017 or newer Harley-Davidson two-wheel Touring models with a 107ci, 114ci, or 117ci Milwaukee-Eight engine. The Screamin’ Eagle folks at The Motor Company have a solution. Let’s check out the details.

  1. There are new Stage III kits for different displacement engines. If you have Milwaukee-Eight 114ci or 117ci motor, the Stage III kit bumps your engine up to 122ci. For those running a Milwaukee-Eight 107ci motor, you’re looking at a 119ci displacement result. Although not a focus of these kits, they will also fit selected 2018 or newer Softail models.
  2. Harley-Davidson is claiming significant torque and horsepower gains from the Screamin’ Eagle Stage III kits. The 119ci kit provides a 23 percent horsepower increase for the 107ci Milwaukee-Eight engine, along with a 17 percent boost in torque. If your 114ci motor is migrating up to 122ci, H-D says to expect a 15 percent horsepower improvement, along with 13 percent more torque. Harley-Davidson isn’t making claims about the difference between the standard 117ci Milwaukee-Eight motor and the Screamin’ Eagle Stage III 122ci kit.
    Screamin' Eagle 122ci Kit: Price and MSRP
    122ci Kit
  3. Compression is boosted along with the displacement in the kits. Harley-Davidson’s stated goal of the Stage III kits will likely resonate with passenger-carrying touring riders. H-D claims the kits are about “restoring the sensation of riding solo when you’re loaded down.”
  4. Harley-Davidson warranties these Screamin’ Eagle Milwaukee-Eight Engine Stage III kits. If you get one of the kits installed on an eligible Touring model within 60 days of purchase, the warranty runs 24 months. As these kits fit Touring models dating back to 2017, the older models get a 12-month warranty.
  5. If you live in California, you will not be happy to read the fine print. As Harley-Davidson tells us, “Stage III and IV Kits comply with noise and emissions standards in all U.S. states other than California on 2017-later Touring Models and select 2018-later Softail Models.”
  6. Here’s a rundown of the major components in the Stage III kits:
  • Screamin’ Eagle 4.155” Big Bore bolt-on cylinders
  • Forged 11.0:1 high-compression pistons and rings
  • Screamin’ Eagle SE8-447 torque cam
  • Screamin’ Eagle high-capacity tappets
  • Screamin’ Eagle high-performance cam bearing
  • Screamin’ Eagle Stage III timer cover and insert
  • Most necessary gaskets and seals, including multi-layer coated head gaskets, cylinder base gaskets, and cam cover gaskets

7. To get the advertised power boosts, you will likely need to make a few additional purchases. Harley-Davison says that you have to get ECM recalibration with the Screamin’ Eagle Pro Street Tuner. Owners of 2017 and ’18 models will need a High-Capacity Clutch Plate Kit, while those with 2017 to 2019 models must upgrade to a High-Capacity Oil Pump. Check with your dealer for all the details related to your particular Harley-Davidson before starting the process.
8. We’ve got the prices for the kits—$1800 MSRP. These Screamin’ Eagle Milwaukee-Eight Stage III kits will run you $1800 for either the 119ci or 122ci upgrades. This doesn’t include labor or any other parts necessary to complete the build.