2020 Newron EV-1 First Look: Wood, Leather, and Electricity

Yes, we know that anyone with a design program can sit at the computer and create a rendering of a motorcycle. However, Newron Motors CEO Sébastien Mahut does have a track record of building real-life motorcycles, and intends to build 12 examples of the 2020 Newron EV-1.

Mahut got started in the electric motorcycle world in 2009 when he put batteries and an electric motor in an Aprilia Futura chassis. Although its top speed was less than 70 mph and the range less than 40 miles, it was a start.

Mahut and Michel Serafin, both aeronautical engineers in previous lives, started Newron Motors in 2016. The next year, they went to work in Paris, making connections with forward-thinking people in the transportation technology world, as well as working on possible designs.

By 2018, they had merged with Advans Group, a microfinance group that helped Newron secure financing, as well as give them access to software developers. Newron won the Innov’Up prize at the technological-focused Futur.e.s. Festival in Paris, gaining them additional credibility. Maude Perchenet heads up Business Strategy—an essential part of any successful startup.

Now, we are seeing the computer rendering of the 2020 Newron EV-1. Most notable is the wood exoskeleton surrounding the battery. This gives the EV-1 both organic and technological credibility. The battery rotates as the motorcycle moves—this represents the passage of time, according to a Newron spokesman.

With 102 horsepower on tap and maximum torque of 177 ft/lbs from zero rpm, the 2020 Newron EV-1 is expected to go from 0 to 62 mph in less than three seconds. Range is claimed to be about 185 miles, if you baby it along.

Being the work of art the Newron EV-1 unmistakably is, there’s are all sorts of surprises. We’ll let Newron describe what you get:

“On the left side, there is an engraved plate with the craftsmen’s names who contributed to the build of the motorcycle. The rear rim is transparent, like the lower part of the cylinder, to contribute to the mystery and the desire to discover the whole bike. On the upper part, we have a window just over the battery pack and the shaft axis to have detailed views on the insides of the motorcycle. The access to the key-input is opening like a jewelry box. The key itself is a jewel containing a fragment of wood or titanium used to produce the bike. You will always have a part of your bike with you.”

No price has been proferred for the 2020 Newron EV-1. However, as they describe the electric motorcycle as Haute Couture, expect a corresponding MSRP.

2020 Newron EV-1 Rendering Gallery