Dunlop K180 Scooter/Motorcycle Tires: First Look

Dunlop K180 Scooter/Motorcycle Tires prices

Dunlop K180 Tires for Scooters and Mini Moto

If you need some stylish flat-track style tire for your scooter or mini-motorcycle with 10-inch tires, the new Dunlop K180 tires are ready to roll. Among the most popular two-wheeled vehicles for the 10-inch Dunlop K180s include the Honda Grom motorcycle and the Yamaha Zuma scooter.

Dunlop K180 Scooter/Motorcycle Tires prices

The aggressive dirt-friendly tread pattern, inspired by American Flat Track racing, makes it easier for Honda Grom and Yamaha Zuma owners to successfully ride off-pavement, while still retaining street legality.

You don’t get any choice when it comes to tire size, however. The new Dunlop K180 comes in 120/90 x 10 for the front and 130/90 x 10 for the rear.

The MSRP for the K180 120/90 x 10 front tire is $58, while the 130/90 x 10 rear tire’s MSRP is $60. For more, visit Dunlop Motorcycle Tires.